Cell Electric LEDs for your business save you money every month by reducing the wattage consumed by lighting loads. Learn how to save money with LEDs and Solar today!

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When it comes to business, time is money, and Cell Electric understands that fact.  That’s why we complete our customer’s projects with time savings and cost efficiency in mind.  


Cell Electric and Ameren have partnered to provide our customers with ultra-high quality LED lighting for minimal cost. In fact, the majority of businesses qualify for cost savings of 75% of the entire cost of the job.  Call Cell Electric for your free lighting audit, and we can see how much you can save your business.


What would happen if your power went out at your facility? To most businesses, this would be a costly situation.  Cell Electric can provide you with alternate energy sources, and peace of mind with our standby energy options.  Call Cell for a complete list of options available.

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