Cell Electric LEDs for your business save you money every month by reducing the wattage consumed by lighting loads. Learn how to save money with LEDs and Solar today!


For most of us, our largest financial investment is our home.  It doesn’t have to be a massive financial burden.  Cell Electric is a one stop solution for Energy efficiency upgrades to your home.  Whether its solar, LED lighting, or a newer, more efficient Furnace or A/C, we are happy to help.


Cell Electric boasts 35 years combined experience in the Green Industry.  Our partnerships with SREC brokers and Ameren IL/MO, coupled with our extensive experience ensures the cost to the homeowner is minimal.


Cell Electric’s prompt, clean, and courteous service is available 24 hours to take care of your Electrical, or HVAC emergencies. We can handle any task, from changing out an outlet, to Service upgrades, to entirely new construction. Big or small, we do it all!


It doesn’t matter how efficient your home is if the power goes out.  Thankfully, Cell Electric is a Generac Dealer and service provider.  Generac standby generators and Generac PWRcell batteries are designed to keep you up and running in the event of a Utility outage.  Whether it’s a new installation, or you just need help with preventative maintenance.  We are a one stop solution for all your standby energy needs.



SOLAR Installation/Service


No Company can compete with Cell Electric’s affordability and craftsmanship, especially within the solar industry. With Cell Electric, 3 important facts keep us a step ahead of our competition.


  1. With Cell Electric, you own your system. You benefit from your investment.
  2. Cell electric is local. We install new systems and service or upgrade existing ones, roof, or ground mount, in all of Illinois!
  3. We minimize the cost to our customers while using industry leading tech and equipment. Our expertise and close relationships with Solar Renewable Energy Credit or SREC brokers secure our customers huge savings and quick completion time compared to our competitors.

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